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DigiPAL Technology
Madhyapur Thimi-03, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur Nepal

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What we bring to the table

  • Top-class experts
  • Our developers, designers, testers and project managers know their craft inside out. What is more, we all speak English, so you can discuss details with every person working on the project.

  • Business-oriented application
  • We do not think solely about coding. Every piece of software which we build is tailored to your business needs and our team always focuses on your company's goals and profits.

  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Despite the excellent quality, the costs are lower than the competitive market and, on top of that, we provide you with detailed lists of expenses, so you know what exactly you are paying for.

  • Full commitment
  • Most of our business comes from referals. We will work hard to get yet another satisfied customer and we hope that you will stay with us for years – like many of our clients do.

Nepal and Corona (COVID-19)

First of all I would like to make all the readers clear that I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but on behalf of an aware citizen I would like to share my views and opinions about how to be safe and what basic steps we can take to prevent ourself and our community from pandemic Novel Corona Virus

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